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okay. they're refusing cpr. they're gonna let her die. >> a nurse stands by as an elderly woman collapses and the call to 911 is chilling. good evening. i'm michelle griego in for liz. >> i'm ken bastida. this really is a story you have to her to believe. a dispatcher begging a nurse to start cpr. but kpix 5's elissa harrington reports the nurse said no, over and over again whether we need to get cpr started. that's not enough. okay? >> yeah. we can't do cpr -- >> reporter: it's a call for help from the
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last person you'd expect. a nurse on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, refusing to give an unconscious woman cpr. her excuse? it's against her company's policy. what makes this even more bizarre, her company is a retirement home. >> anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone please. she's gonna die if we don't get this started. do you understand? >> reporter: the nurse who identifies herself only as colleen works at glenwood gardens in bakersfield. the woman is barely breathing. on the other land is dispatcher tracy holverson. >> i don't understand why you're unwilling to help this patient. >> reporter: she grows increasingly frustrated during the phone call, begging the nurse to perform cpr or put someone on the phone who is willing to try. a passerby, even another resident at the facility. >> is there anybody that works there that's willing to do it?
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>> we can't do that. >> we're just gonna let this lady die? >> that's why we're calling 911. >> we can't wait! she can't wait right now. >> reporter: help comes too late. an ambulance takes bayless to the hospital where she dies. all the worker was following policy, this death opens up a legal can of worms. >> lawsuits are the least of their problems. they're looking at lawsuits that could put them out of business. every person in the facility and the owner of the facility could be looking at license revocation from the state and they could be criminally prosecuted, on homicide. >> reporter: why was this against policy? bayless was part of the independent facility. it's separate from the assisted nursing facilities there. the independent section does not offer medical help. ken? >> i keep thinking about the poor woman's family having to
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listen to this nonsense in not saving her life. the executive director of the facility confirmed the staff does not attempt cpr. he said that glenwood gardens standard practice is to immediately call for emergency help and wait with the patient until help arrives. he also promised a thorough review of this incident. tonight, oakland is celebrating its monthly first friday street festival. it's the first since a teenager was killed in a shooting at last month's event. kpix 5's david jackson is in oakland with how the city tightened the rules. >> reporter: we're happy to report that this is one of the most peaceful and pleasant friday evenings they've had in oakland for quite sometime. it's the first friday art walk, making oakland at least for a time feel like the happiest place on earth. tonight, oakland was awfully happy, and that may be a direct response to the tragic murder
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of kiante campbell one month ago during art walk. the 18-year-old was shot and killed in a dark parking lot an hour after the art walk closed down. tonight, nobody wanted a repeat, so police and security flooded telegraph avenue, and everyone was in a cautious mood. >> you have to believe in the good. if you continue to focus on the negative, you're just gonna keep repeating that. you'll go nowhere. >> it was definitely really tragic, but i also thought it afforded an opportunity to, you know, that's really open, that collision of different demographics and people of all different ages, ethnicities, that really is oakland, so we can't get hypersensitive to one particular murder. but i think it was a great way to humanize an epidemic of violence. >> oakland has a history of violence. but this event has been peaceful. now everybody is just watching a little bit extra, being a little bit more, like you said,
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vigilant and diligent on what's going on out here. >> reporter: and what's also going on is commerce, merchants welcoming the crowds and the business. >> this helps for everyone, for small business, big business, everything. >> reporter: everyone says this is how oakland should be, busy, happy and best of all, cool. >> it's a starting point. and kind of bringing folks under a common umbrella i think is really powerful. but it's all for something if we don't deal with some of the deeper systemic issues. >> reporter: last -- there was a dampening effect from the crime that took place on february 1. it really remains to be seen whether that can hold for the coming months, but all of the organizers are saying they are optimistic that this will be the future of the first friday art walks from here on out. >> okay. david, thank you.
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oakland police arrested 19- year-old donald parks jr. for last month's first friday shooting but he was only charged with assault and carrying a concealed weapon, not with killing kiante campbell. a bay area politician who carries a pretty respected last name resigned in disgrace today, admitting that he gambled away public money. santa clara supervisor george shirakawa surrendered at the sheriff's office today and was booked on 12 felony and misdemeanor charges. the d.a. says he used campaign and public money to pay for casino trips, lavish style life, even created a secret slush fund for himself. shirakawa, the son of a longtime member city councilman, says he has a gamble problem and suffers from depression. >> what is important to me is that he step down right away, plead guilty to the charges, pay the money back, and spend time behind bars. >> the former supervisor will
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be arraigned march 18. he faces a long jail sentence if he's convicted. he will never again be able to hold public office in california. state taxpayers are picking up the tab to send pension fund managers to hawaii. legally speaking, they can go on the trip, but kpix 5's linda yee asked, is it a good idea? >> reporter: who wouldn't want to come here? certainly not the hundreds of people nationwide who help manage public pension plans. their annual conference in may just happens to be at the hilton hawaiian village resort, an all-expenses paid trip to sun, surf and sand to talk shop. the estimated cost? up to $3,000 a person. >> since we paid dues, why would you belong to an organization and not go? >> reporter: richard is a
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trustee for the contra costa county employees retirement association. despite the troubles, some government-funded pension plans have suffered in this struggling economy. he says nothing wrong about a trip to hawaii paid for by pension plans. >> it happens to be in hawaii and people make a big deal about it. i understand it's a very nice place. i -- i just -- it's the content and what you get from it, not so much the locale. >> reporter: critics, however, say it's irresponsible. pension reform expert chris. >> they're gonna go to hawaii? what's up with that? >> reporter: conference organizers expect a problem, so they offered tips on their website about how to justify the trip. he said he didn't have to talk anyone into letting him go, despite the hit the pension
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took during the down market. >> we are recovering from the losses. >> so maybe this is not such a good time to be going to hawaii. >> yeah. see, that's kind of like penny wise, pound foolish. >> the wisdom of picking hawaii when you're -- >> but i didn't pick hawaii. >> but maybe you could choose not to go. >> yeah. i guess. i stand on a principle. and forego speaking to people that might be there? i -- i don't -- i don't want to make such a foolish point. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> and kabral is not alone. a total of five trustees have decided to accept the free trip to hawaii. well, billions in budget cuts kicked in a couple of hours ago. what the democrats and rebublicans have managed to agree on. the only thing i saw was a hole, and the hole took the
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entire bedroom. >> a man sleeping in his bed is swallowed up by the earth. we'll go back to a bay area neighborhood that's become a dumping ground to see if the city made good on its promise. a day of unusually warm weather in the bay area today, but now time for something completely different. we'll have rain in the it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love.
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started kicking in. that means we are officially in sequestration. here in california, education will be slashed by more than $87 million dollars. 1200 teacher jobs are at risk and 8200 children could lose access to preschool. this is all a worst case scenario, but still, it could get rough. >> the leaders of both parties -- >> reporter: president obama signed the order setting in motion $85 billion in spending cuts. the president and congress had a year and a half to find a way to compromise. but it was clear friday, when lawmakers left washington, an agreement wasn't going to happen. president obama blamed rebublicans. >> and let's be clear. none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that rebublicans in congress have made. >> reporter: the cuts are split between defense and domestic spending, with the pentagon
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trimming 8%, or $46 billion. government workers may be furloughed. and the white house is warning of everything from fewer cops at the streets to longer lines at the airports. >> it's just dumb. and it's gonna hurt. >> reporter: but republicans say the automatic cuts were the president's idea. and some suggest it might not be the worst thing for washington. >> we all agree it's not the best way to reduce spending, but it's time we did that. >> reporter: the impasse is over taxes. the president wants to close loopholes. but republicans they say already compromised on taxes when rates went up in january. those differences could spill over into the next budget battle. government funding runs out at the end of the month. >> the house is going to move a continuing resolution next week to fund the government past march 27. >> reporter: the speaker and president do agree on one thing. neither wants to deal with a government shutdown on top of spending cuts. at the white house, kpix 5.
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san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement saying the impact to the city's services, schools and public housing will be in excess of $25 million. sinkholes are not big news in florida. it happens. but no one has seen one like this one. it actually swallowed up a guy while he was sleeping in his own bed. >> i turned into the bedroom, and the only thing i saw was a hole. and the hole took the entire bedroom. >> engineers are calling it unprecedented. they say the 30-foot hole is still growing, making it impossible to recover the man's body. >> and i cannot in good conscious have additional people on this site when i'm being told that it's seriously unstable. so that's the dilemma. >> just to get closure, i guess, make sure he's not dead, see if he's alive. >> that's jeremy bush. he tried to pull his brother
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out of the hole, but he had to be rescued himself. no one else in the house at the time was hurt. a follow-up to the disgusting mess we showed you on the news last night. piles of garbage and junk lining 35th street in west oakland. one woman told us she woke up and found an entire living room set dumped there. we talked to a public works man yesterday. here's what he said. >> now that it's been brought to our attention, we plan to remove this debris tomorrow. >> so we decided to go back to that same area today to see if frank foster kept his promise. and as you can see in this video, he did. all that garbage and debris has been picked up and hauled away. nothing more exciting than finding a big sale on a really big screen tv. but one guy found out, sometimes a great deal isn't exactly what it means. reporter curtis ming on why you need to pay attention to what you pay in tax.
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>> reporter: he likes his big screen tv. >> lots of sports. the grandkids' cartoons, especially sponge bob, the pine apple that lives in the sea. >> reporter: he found an even better one at samsung. >> a football tv! >> reporter: and the price was right. but after ed paid, he realized he was charged sales tax on the prediscounted price. it cost around $60 more. >> as a consumer, i was a little steamed. >> reporter: when he asked costco why, they told him that's the way it is. >> i thought, why is it done that way? >> reporter: the sale sign does say sales tax on the prerebate price. it's not how much you pay for an item, but how much the retailer received. in this case, costco received $800 from the manufacturer, making the total taxable
1:55 am
amount, 1,849. state law states amounts paid by a manufacturer to a retailer to reimburse for the value of the coupon are included in the retailer's gross receipts. ed feels it is still unfair. >> let costco pay the tax on that $800. >> reporter: if the discount is because of a store sale, you will pay sales tax based on the sale price. that's because they aren't getting any money from a third party. >> be careful. >> you got that? >> i got it. i understand. well brian hackney is in tonight for paul deanno. we'll start out saturday morning. it will just be patchy tomorrow morning as opposed to what we had this morning. and there are other changes in the offing as well. we're gonna be looking for increasing clouds and a chance
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of scattered showers on sunday. tomorrow looks nice. temperatures a little cooler for saturday. and then, after a break on monday, we're gonna get more rain by late tuesday. it's all because high pressure that's been in full command is finally beginning to get knocked down a little bit by a series of storms coming out of the gulf of alaska. after near-record highs today, we're going to begin to get a chance of rain by sunday. it's not going to amount to much and will probably peter out by the time it gets to the monterey bay area. you can see the system out in the pacific is beginning to split as it heads over western washington where they get increasing southerly winds. look for the numbers to be not quite as warm tomorrow. we'll see sun but we'll see it behind filtered clouds. with rainfall totals only 75% of average nor -- for the bay area, we'll look for things to get up to the 70's.
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some fog. 62 at monterey. the pinpoint forecast is calling for 62 at pacifica. 70 at napa. in the extended forecast, that's when we begin to increase the clouds, leading to a chance of a few showers around the bay area on sunday. monday, we get a break. we'll go to partly cloudy. it's tuesday and wednesday that we'll get a chance of showers. thursday and friday we'll go back to partly cloudy skies and numbers will be plunging this week, all the way back down into the upper 50's. saturday looks good. enjoy it while we why. why these fishermen are messing people with sore throats have something new to say. ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm !
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cepacol sensations.
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well, talk about angry birds. people are getting goosed left and right at a park in sacramento. yes, i said goosed. it seems these geese get their feathers riled up when people try to take their picture. well this guy knows he can't hurt them, but he gets startled nonetheless. bird experts say the geese are just defending their territory, so don't mess with them. >> geese with one thing. but how about hungry sharks?
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here's something you probably didn't know. their teeth aren't the only scary things in their mouths. they also carry around a lot of bacteria that science doesn't really know much about. so if you're bitten and the wound becomes infected, it can be very hard to treat. researchers are collecting samples from live sharks to develop new antibiotics. it's not a job for the faint of heart. there were more than 50 shark attacks in the u.s. last year, including six off the california coast. then they put them back in the water. how am i gonna top that? >> talk about the ravens. >> yes. joe flacco, he's an elite quarter, his wallet says.
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the boss of sf basketball up top. my gosh! four periods of regulation. not enough to decide the boss of san francisco high school basketball. lincoln, favorites coming in, versus mission. double overtime. antwan porter, tied at 67. and that was beautiful.
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who shot that? wow. mission wins it 78-71. they are the city champions. all right. no 54-point night for stephen curry against the celtics. warriors down nine. the w is creeping in. look at harrison barnes, finished the break strong. game tied. doc rivers going, hey, man. curry, a complete miss. boston took over. and here comes jordan crawford. dagger! celtics win it. warriors now 1-and-3 on the road trip. ncaa came down hard on the st. mary's gaels and placed them on a four-year probation. among some of the restrictions,
2:04 am
a reduction in scholarships, a five-game suspension for head coach randy bennett and bennett cannot recruit off campus the entire next season. a somber bennett responded this afternoon. >> i think the penalties are harsh, so it will have an effect on our program. but i feel confident that we'll work through it. ravens quarterback joe flacco getting paid on monday. six years, $120 million, in baltimore. two of the top five friday night. hey, there's tiger woods. quick serena, get a picture! sorry, serena. willie nelson says go to sleep. medina, oh, sleep well, my friend. first-round knockout.
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no. 3, tyreke evans, three quarter shot. spurs do beat the kings, but man! gotta love that! no. 2, kevin durant, oh, that's not even fair! oh! and no. 1, the blackhawks continue to get whatever you want, baby. hmm. let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99? oh,
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david letterman is next. >> welcome to the dark side. >> well, yeah. thanks. i'm usually here in the morning. >> you gotta get up in a few hours?
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